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06 Feb 2016

Keys Layer Effect
SPC : smex Emacs command
m letter evil mark location
; ; ?? comment line

Inter-file Navigation SPC b b open Helm mini-buffer SPC f f Helm find files, is less useful than SPC p f Projectile find files SPC p p Projectile find project

Using the Ranger layer (file manager) invoked using SPC a r (applications ranger) Consier using Unimpaired layer (tpope quick cycling) Consider using Fasd layer to complement Fasd

Intra-file Navigation SPC s s SWOOP! opens a copy of the buffer then elides lines that don’t match the search you type, allowing you to navigate the top buffer by selecting lines in the swoop buffer

Window navigation SPC <number> navigate numbered windows Eyebrowse layer allows SPC W then a number to create/navigate to a new workspace with Eybrwose working you can using Vim’s gt and gT to

Editing Select some text, then s <char> will surround with <char> iedit, get a selection (the whole current symbol by default) then SPC s e to enter iedit mode, allowing you to edit all the matched things at once SPC ; ; toggle line comment Diacritics in Emacs C-x 8 ' e to creates é

Help SPC h d invokes “help describe”, providing access to multipe ways of find help SPC f e h is canonical spacemacs help

Checking SPC t s turns on syntax checking

Future layers to explore OrgMode + Capture mode Abbrev mode

Editorconfig layer to manage things like indent and such